The project "Enterprise cloud SB RAS"

The aim of the project "corporate cloud RAN" is the creation of infrastructure to provide centralized services communications and collaboration for the Organization of the Siberian branch of RAS as corporate clouds.

The main feature of the services provided by so-called "public clouds", is to use exclusively the internal infrastructure of SAP, which provides high speed, quality and safety of services. The use of modern software solutions can also provide previously unavailable services, such as: a unified address book of SB RAS, sharing of licensed software and centralized management of workstations, participate in video conferences with their jobs and so on, for the institutions of the RUSSIAN ACADEMY of SCIENCES was created to centralize the various IT Services service: email, instant messaging, file transfer, desktop sharing and individual applicationsaudio and video communications, integration with the telephone networks of common use, a large complex of portal technologies to collaborate, automate processes, ubiquitous access.


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